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An Innovative Rejuvenescen Anti-aging "Blue Blood"
Cosmetics, Skincare, Beauty,Personal Care and Heatlh Products
Anti-aging Rejuvenescent Cosmetics, Skin care, Beauty,
Personal Care, Health and Medicine Products
based on Raw Materials and Ingredients
containing Artificial Blood and Liposomes



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Skincare Products

"Blue Blood" anti-aging skincare, beauty, and cosmetics
are made from an emulsion of perfluorocarbons
which have the unique ability to dissolve and carry
large quantities of molecular oxygen.

Effective Anti-aging Rejuvenescent
Skin care Products.
Unique blend of  
"Blue Blood"
and Natural Liposomes

Products for Oil skin

LC 1 - Cleansing milk
for oil skin

This milk gently removes make-up and sebum excess from the skinís surface.

GD 1 - Day cream-gel for oily skin
This light cream-gel removes excessive sebum from the skinís surface.
Camomile and calendula extracts provide a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect

GN 1 - Night cream-gel for oily skin
This unsaturated cream-gel contains oak-tree extract which helps alleviate irritation and fatigue of the skin.

Products for Normal skin

LC 4 - Cleansing milk for normal skin
This milk gently removes make-up and impurities from the skinís surface, while soothing the skin.

GW 4 - Day cream-gel for normal skin
When used daily this cream-gel replenishes the normal moisture content of the skin, regulates metabolic processes, and smoothes out fine wrinkles

GN 4 - Night cream-gel for normal skin
This cream-gel contains rose-hip extract which is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K, P and other microelements.
It also normalizes the moisture level in the skin, alleviates irritation and strain and nourishes the skin 

 Products for Dry skin

LC 2 - Cleansing milk for dry skin
This gentle formulation purifies the skin and stimulates metabolic processes.

CP 2 - Protective cream for dry skin
A specially fatty cream with high content of the vitamin A and E ensures on intensive nourishing of the skin and creates a fine protective film. 

GW 2 - Day cream-gel for dry skin
This cream-gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and ensures maximum moisture content of the skin. It nourishes and tones the skin, restoring its proper composition

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