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Liposomal Concentrates

Liposomes are small membrane microspheres consisting of one or two layers of phospholipids (lecithin) and containing water in their interior.
   A spherical structure of liposomes allows to add them to the composition of water and fat-soluble biologically active compounds
Liposome products 'UltraLipol' series (on volunteers) have shown that in comparison with traditional cosmetics liposomes demonstrated advantages as follows:

 1. More effective Carrier of bioactive substances.
Liposomes "deliver" vitamin E in large quantities to deeper layers
of the skin.
2. More effective Moisturizing action.
Liposomes ensure a great absorption of atmospheric water by skin and deliver moisturizing substances directly to the most problematic areas.
3. More effective Anti-wrinkles action.
A comparable effectiveness of actions of liposome
and traditional creams on wrinkles depth was studied
It has been seen that the use of
liposome cosmetics had more
pronounced anti-wrinkles action, especially during first 10 days.

   Liposome ingredients 'UltraLipol'

'UltraLipol' is an aqueous dispersion of liposomes
of submicronic sizes of natural lipids of animal and vegetal origin
( lipids of yolk, soybean etc.) with biologically active substances
( vitamins, amino acids, vegetal extracts etc.)

 Anti-aging skincare, beauty and cosmetic products
made with
'UltraLipol' ingredients prevent aging and skin fading,
smooth small wrinkles and have top activity in penetrating
through skin layers up to subcutis

 All cream-gels that include liposome ingredient 'UltraLipol' as an active component have hygienic certificates and conformity certificates.

  Anti-aging Skincare, Beauty, and Cosmetics
based on 'UltraLipol'.

The use of liposome ingredients 'UltraLipol' in cosmetics
manufacture highly effective and very comfortable in use anti-aging skincare and cosmetic procucts that place them
among an elite group of cosmetics. 
These cosmetics have a number of advantages as follows:

  easy penetrate and soak into the skin, interacting
        with skin proteins and cellular membranes;

  able to deliver biologically active substances
       directly into cells;

unite with skin keratin creating a protective film on its        surface that contributes to reduce the loss of moisture;
  ensure a great absorption of atmospheric water by skin;
deliver moisturizing substances directly in the most        problematic areas;
able to reduce an irritant action of some components of        cosmetics ( preservatives, for example ).

Health and Medical products based on 'UltraLipol'.

  The elaboration and production of highly effective liposome health and medical preparations is possible on the base of liposome dispersions of the 'UltraLipol' type.

Liposome health and medical preparations for external use are considerably more effective than traditional ones. 
Therefore, to obtain an equal effect they need lesser concentration
of biologically active components in end drug form


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