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FOREMONT Cosmetic Ingredients
having Regenerative Action.
Perfluorocarbon (PFC) components
in anti-aging skincare, beauty, cosmetics,
health and medical products.

Biological effectiveness of  'UltraOxy'



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  'UltraOxy' as a carrier of oxygen

  Dissolve and transport large      quantities of oxygen;
Stimulate the processes of       tissue breathing;
Dissolving large quantities of      gases it takes part in the      prosessesof gasotransportation      ensuring the 'aeration' of skin      cells

  Good  solubility of molecular oxygen

  "UltraOxy" - as a carrier of bioactive substances

We have shown the influence of
'UltraOxy'  on the penetration of an active component  'FINALGON'
into the skin.
'FINALGON' is a vascular expanding product used for treatment of strains, pains in joints etc

 The penetration of an active component

 Rejuvenescent action of 'UltraOxy'

The emulsion  'UltraOxy'
has a pronounced influence on the activity of skin cells and on the production of the main, functionally important albumins of
collagen, elastin and keratin, a relative content and speed of regeneration of which change with age.
 It is seen from  
Fig 6 and  Fig 7

   Influence on the activity of skin cells

  Rejuvenescent action of 'UltraOxy'

  It is seen from  Fig 6 &  Fig 7  that action of the emulsion  'UltraOxy' on the skin causes considerable reduction of the synthesis speed and accordingly of keratin content of the epidermis and increase of collagen and elastin content of the derma

  Influence on the activity of skin cells

  "UltraOxy" as a wound healing preparation

 has manifested its wound healing action contributing to the regeneration of oxygen exchange, accelerating reparative process.  The oxygen aeration supplementary contributes to speed up this process
 Fig 8  and  Fig 9 

  Regeneration of oxygen exchange

    "UltraOxy" as a wound healing preparation

 On the  Fig 8  and  Fig 9  we have shown the curves of plancometric study of changing of wound area
diring healing process in conditions of regular oxygen content of atmosphere and in conditions of an active oxygen
aeration  ( 76 % O2 ).
We used standard wound healing preparations (solcoseryl and methyluracil) for the control 

  Accelerating reparative process

  "UltraOxy" as an counterburn preparation

 Studying of  'UltraOxy'
as an antipyrotic preparation has shown its exclusive effectiveness,
in particular in conditions of oxygen aeration.
The curves of burn healing
in various oxygen regimes
shown on the  

  Acceleration of burn wound healing


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