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OUTSTANDING Cosmetic Ingredients Transporting OXYGEN

    Main research in Artificial Blood substitutes has been started in early 1980s. 

    A few years ago our researchers developed Innovative techniques of utilizing Artificial Blood components Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) in anti-aging skincare, cosmetics, beauty, medical and health products for external use. 
PFCs are chemically absolutely inactive and do not cause any irritation or anaphylaxis. Dissolved in emulsion phase they transport huge volumes of oxygen to tissues activating tissue breathing processes and tissue penetration for other active compounds.

    Anti-aging skincare, cosmetics, beauty containing Artificial Blue-Blood are hypoallergenic and feature biostimulating and regenerative actions.  Medical and health products for external use based on Artificial Blue-Blood have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory actions and accelerate healing processes.

The company produces microemulsion concentrate called 'UltraOxy' made with PFC-based Artificial Blood.

    'UltraOxy' is a highly concentrated aqueous submicronic emulsion of PFC with lecithin or non ionic surfactant as an emulsifier.

    'UltraOxy' is designed for manufacture of highly effective anti-aging skincare, beauty, cosmetic and medical products for external use due to its biostimulating, wound healing and regenerative actions.

Anti-aging Skincare, Beauty, and Cosmetic products based on 'UltraOxy':

   dissolve and transport large quantities of oxygen;
   stimulate the processes of tissue breathing;
   facilitate the penetration of biologically active substances
        into skin cells;
   are very comfortable in use;
   pleasantly decrease skin temperature;
   are hypoallergenic;
   have wound healing and anti-inflammatory actions.

    The analysis of all experimental results of the application PFC emulsion 'UltraOxy' indicates variety mechanisms of its biological action on skin cells as follows:

   activates the 'aeration' of skin cells;
   it cooperates with special cells of body mechanism, due to its
        corpuscular system with particles of 100 nm diameter;
   it is able to dissolve in a lipophilic region of biological membranes
        that ensure an 'anesthetic-like' action on cellular membranes
        protecting them against unfavorable influences;
   it stimulates the metabolism of keratinocytes ( skin cells );
   it has wound healing and contraburn actions;
   it facilitates the penetration of any biologically active
        substances (for example, vitamins, extracts, medical
        additions) into the skin and increases the effectiveness.

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Liposomal Concentrates

    Our company produces the most long-acting liposomes.  Even after 12 months of storage each product shows 90% of the standard activity, more than 85% of liposomes remain stable.  Liposomes diameter ranges within 150 - 200 nm ( proved by electron microscopy and morphometry studies ).  Thanks to that, minute size liposomes penetrate through all thickness of skin layers featuring excellent moisturizing and nutritional effects.  Our company produces a wide range of Liposomal ingredients of 'UltraLipol' series.

    'UltraLipol' is an aqueous dispersion of liposomes of submicronic sizes of natural lipids of animal and vegetal origin ( lipids of yolk, soybean etc.) with biologically active substances ( vitamins, amino acids, vegetal extracts etc.).

    Anti-aging skincare, beauty and cosmetic products made with 'UltraLipol' ingredients prevent aging and skin fading, smooth small wrinkles and have top activity in penetrating through skin layers up to subcutis.

Anti-aging Skincare, Beauty, and Cosmetics based on 'UltraLipol'.

    The use of liposome ingredients 'UltraLipol' in cosmetics allows to manufacture highly effective and very comfortable in use anti-aging skincare and cosmetic procucts that place them among an elite group of cosmetics.  These cosmetics have a number of advantages as follows:

  easy penetrate and soak into the skin, interacting with skin
       proteins and cellular membranes;
  able to deliver biologically active substances directly into cells;
  unite with skin keratin creating a protective film on its
       surface that contributes to reduce the loss of moisture;

   ensure a great absorption of atmospheric water by skin;
   deliver moisturizing substances directly in the most
        problematic areas;
   able to reduce an irritant action of some components
        of cosmetics ( preservatives, for example ).

Health and Medical products based on 'UltraLipol'.

    The elaboration and production of highly effective liposome health and medical preparations is possible on the base of liposome dispersions of the 'UltraLipol' type.

    Liposome health and medical preparations for external use are considerably more effective than traditional ones.  Therefore, to obtain an equal effect they need lesser concentration of biologically active components in end drug form.

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Our Products Are Unique

    Our company joins scientific and technological potential of the two well - known research groups:

 Biological Emulsions Laboratory of Central
   Research Institute for Haematology and Blood
 Research Institute for the Technology of Blood
   Substitutes and Hormonal Preparation.

    During the last 17 years work force of these two groups was implemented in the project of Artificial Blood ( so called Blue Blood - a kind of infusion solution which can transport oxygen in organism instead of natural red blood cells ).  Our company consists of 10 Ph.Ds which are the leading specialists in chemistry, medicine, cosmetics and biophysics.


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